Friday, July 26, 2019

Packaging and it is future in the United States Essay

Packaging and it is future in the United States - Essay Example In the United States packaging is used for different purposes. Four uses for packaging are: To contain products in specific amounts defining the amount the customer will purchase To protect products from contamination, theft, and environmental damage Facilitate transportation and storage of products To provide information and colorful designs To transmit marketing messages (Berger). During the 21st century the customer tastes and preferences have changed a lot. People have become more conscious of the environment and the effects personal consumerism decisions have on the well being of the planet. Due to these changes in the customer desires many companies are using environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. An example of an environmentally friendly packaging product is packaging that utilizes recycled material. Companies can also apply environmentally friendly practices in its packaging through its processes. Creating a packaging facility that is powered by solar energy is a wa y to implement green practices into the packaging business. Green practices can extend to other phases of the business such as having an office environment that is paper free.

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