Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Argument on violence and american identity Essay

Argument on violence and american identity - Essay Example The attempts to remark women, natives, rural farmers, and slaves divided the American society. She argues that cohesion is not a celebration of sameness. In addition, she goes ahead to state that although national identities such as leaders appear to offer a sense of commonality, in real sense, it is grounded on a systematic pattern of exclusion. The â€Å"others† live in fear while â€Å"us† view them as immigrants (Eldredge and Riggenbach 21). Therefore, even as they pretend to uphold unity, in real sense they are plotting in the background on how to violently exclude them in order for them to leave the country and go back to their homes. Moreover, the need to unite people who share no culture, believes, race, and ideologies has even widened the divisions and exacerbated the tendency of violence, paranoia, and exclusion. Illegal immigration and violence towards â€Å"others† is no longer an unfamiliar topic among most Americans. Illegal immigration has both negative and positive impacts of the US economy. The current level of illegal immigration to America has enlarged the discussions about immigration leading to an undesired influence. Illegal immigrants are separated into disparate areas and hard to be distinguished. The government has tried various ways to prevent illegal immigration, including reinforcing border lines and administrating the existing illegal immigrants (Skerry 1). American government is expected to deal with the illegal immigration in America in aspects of economic, social and political issues. Employers enjoy higher income because the cost of labor reduces drastically (Haugen and Musser 31). A growing number of Americans feel that national wealth is going into wrong hands. There is a need to ensure that public goods are used by those who pay for them (Shipler 41). This ca lls for an immigration policy that leads to fiscal sustainability and economic progress. Illegal immigration is likely to end up

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