Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Web Project-Online File Storage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Web Project-Online File Storage - Research Paper Example Today, there are a number of backup solutions available that enables us to store files in increasingly popular cloud, and so there is no reason of foregoing the routine of backing up important data. Online data is becoming the most popular method of storage despite the availability of traditional storage devices such as USB flashes, hard drivers, and DVDs. To make it simpler online storage of data method involves storing data in the Web; thus, allowing one to access his/her information from anywhere globally. The data that one is able to store ranges from all information on an individual or company’s computer hard drive, image storage, email accounts, and text files which are made available on demand through the web servers (Broberg & Buyya 2011). The greatest benefit of online storage of data as divergent to the other methods is because of the nature of the information that is being stored virtually; it cannot be damaged or lost. This is true because most of the online data storage websites have additional feature of the stored data in their backup. Even if one accidentally deletes the data stored, the same version will always be available. There are also features that allow one to replicate and adapt the files. Another advantage is that it can be easily accessed by people who travel and are unable to access their laptops. It is also convenient for those who lose their data to computer crashes or those who forget to bring data CDs (Broberg & Buyya 2011). Lastly, it allows employees and collaborators to easily log in and access data. This may conveniently serve small business saving them some money, because networking computer will not be necessary. There are a few issues that may also arise when using online storage solutions. Security is the prime concern with a great possibility of unauthorized persons getting access to the password and the user name through other methods. This is highly risky if one uses very similar password for every site.

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