Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why Most Changes Fail Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Why Most Changes Fail - Assignment Example Failure rate remains high because a huge gap prevails between knowing the subject and transferring that knowledge into action. Rick highlights four mistakes that are responsible for these failures. Firstly, knowledge itself cannot lead to support or commitment from the participants. The focus needs to be on how to bring people's commitment on the change process. Secondly, employee engagement is not granted due importance in the right context. The point is that changes are thrust upon people without giving any space to them to influence the very basic idea of change or participate in the plan process. The Gallup's findings are worth contemplating in this context when they say that there is a great disparity with regard to employee engagement between an average and any world-class organization. Its cost has been estimated over $300 billion in terms of lost productivity in the US itself. Thirdly, Fear of change itself prevents employees to participate in change process with dedication b ecause they view the change process as a threat to their existence in the organization. Moreover, fearful employees cannot focus whole heartedly in the change process. Finally, trust is a crucial element while implementing any change process in the organization. That is to say that the leader needs to develop trust in employees while embarking on any change process, if the organization wants to ensure that the change process goes through successfully. ... Apple's retail store management is a classic case of creating employee engagement. The retail stores are founded on the basic tenet – engaged employees create engaged customers (Customer Experience Matters). For creating employee engagement, the Apple has employed 20-year young adults who love Apple products by heart. These young employees are paid above minimum wage with all other fringe benefits including 401K contributions. Even they are offered employee stock options to buy company stocks. Employee engagements in Apple products help create customers engagement in Apple products resulting into a burgeoning sale of all Apple products. It is a fact that Apple stores bring in more money per square foot than any other retailer in the US. While developing employee engagement, organizations cannot rest on old laurels but needs continuous focus based on the current feedbacks. Employee engagement is crucial for overall success of change management process; however, the most crucial part is how to achieve employee engagement that only a few world-class organizations can achieve consistently? It is true that change management process evokes an unknown fear among employees; however, it is equally true that people resist change and this resistance is also due to inertia as a natural tendency. Every change needs conscious action and natural inertia opposes that. Mechanical living means the process that is devoid of conscious efforts. In organizations, usually, a major part of routine daily activities are mechanical in nature that does not require a conscious effort on part of the employees. Changes process forces them to be alive, alert and agile all the time. This is a conflicting situation between natural inertia and need to

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